The more digital we become, the more human we have to be. (Otter, 2022)

Our mission

At Pneuma we keep humans at the centre of the digital mental health revolution - prioritising staff wellbeing, motivation and development while embracing the opportunities of digital innovation and invention.

Pneuma Healthcare was born from our vision to create an organisation that could support the NHS, private, charitable, VCSE, and corporate wellbeing sectors, bridging the gap between psychology and computing to ensure we have a psychotherapeutically skilled workforce for the digital age.

We are our people.
Our PWPs 

Our British Psychological Society accredited PWPs can enhance your service through telephone and teleconferencing assessments and interventions, as well as supporting SilverCloud and e-therapies. They are also trained in the provision of low-intensity CBT for common mental health problems including depression and a range of anxiety presentations. Through our unique relationship with Ulster University we have a constant availability of PWPs, all with undergraduate Psychology degrees and an MSc in Applied Psychology (Mental Health and Psychological Therapies). 

The Virtual Integrated Model

Because of our long involvement with the training of PWPs we value and recognise their skills and expertise while understanding the stresses of the role and additionally remote working. This is the basis of our Virtual Integrated Model (VIM) that encouranges integration within the host team to ensure a sense of belonging, connection and awareness of the local culture and context, while at the same time fostering an additional level of connection, attachment and practical assistance from the Pneuma team which assists with induction, CPD, day to day practical support, but most importantly gives the PWP the opportunity for regular f2f meetings and real world human connections.

The VIM provides a robust working framework through which PWPs can enjoy flexible working conditions, whilst benefiting from the ongoing support of team integration within the host agency, in addition to face-to-face and local support as required. This SUPPORTED REMOTE MODEL also provides that extra layer of assurance in the event of outage or loss of connection locally. So we look after the PWPs, while they look after your service users.

To us, service users and staff are paramount. Pneuma Healthcare was created with a vision: to combine a high-quality PWP service with the optimal staff support and wellbeing. Pneuma Healthcare can assist healthcare organisations to meet the needs of service users with a valued, skilled and motivated workforce, delivered at a sustainable price.